Gosocial.me | Affordable Social Media Management
Affordable Social Media Management For Small Businesses Starting At Only $10/day! Get multiple daily posts, a real social media campaign just like those for bigger companies. Get custom reports and social media training custom made to your business.
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Affordable Social Media Management

How Can We Offer This To The American Small Business

The Assembly Line

We turned the production of social media posts in an assembly line.


Instead of employing resources from a variety of fronts and follow the typical protocols of an ad agency, we turn to automation and big data to create virtually the same results.

Out goes the middle man

We cut out the middle man. Lots of agencies aren’t agencies at all, but sales people that sell stuff for incredibly high profits.

We Work together

We work together with you. The hardest part of the job is that in order to get legitimate and loyal customers you have to be involved. Most agencies want you to simulate loyalty and here since you get to LEARN how to deal with your customers while using professionally designed graphics, you are given the chance to become indispensable. Hence the loyalty.

Planning Phase

We automate and streamline the planning phase. By utilizing the business intelligence gathered by serving clients in similar fields we are able to offer 100% new posts and graphics without having to put together a 10 person team an entire afternoon to think up a strategy for you with the exact same results.

Custom Software

You enter our assembly line: by utilizing our own software and production techniques and outsourcing part of the cost intensive portion of the production, you get to enter an automated system that posts fresh graphics and posts to all social media networks: facebook, twitter, Instagram, and so on.